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Cannock Harvest

Tom and Melissa from Cannock Harvest in Mighty Marton are responsible for our first blog celebrating our local producers on our online store. If you missed them on Country Calendar it’s worth getting online and watching it On Demand just to see the local equipment they use during the harvesting, washing and drying processes.

It is lovely to see them so passionate about growing their pumpkin seed and giving the consumer another option other than just the “Grown in China” seeds. It’s weird to be importing seeds when we can grow them here, especially since Cannock Harvests are Spray Free and Gluten Free.

Melissa uses the ground seeds that they make into flour for all of her baking, including cakes. I’m excited about trying the flour in my next batch of scones! They also extract the oil which is another great alternative for cooking. And as if they’re not busy enough they are also trialling growing hemp!

We stock all of their products including the Hemp Bath Tea and as well as being available in store you will also be able to buy them here in our online store.

Happy Pumpkin Eating!