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Ahi Cider – Honest Goods

Ahi Cider is the brain child of self professed do gooders Seth & Megan who’s purpose is to make healthy products which are tasty and easy whilst supporting local growers with the smallest possible waste outcome. They use Organic Ingredients as much as possible and that really shines through in their Apple Cider Vinegar drinks.

Each 300ml bottle holds 60 servings of deliciousness and when I tried the Original Tonic I could honestly feel my insides coming alive! Totally amazing! Each bottle is $34.95 so at 58c a serve its well worth it.

All 3 flavours have Raw Apple Cider Vinegar live with the mother but the Original Tonic is infused with onions, garlic, turmeric, ginger, horseradish, chillies & peppercorns. The Winter Tonic has lemon, orange & echinacea instead of the horseradish and The Kawakawa Tonic has wildcrafted Kawakawa added to the Original Tonic recipe.

Organic Buzz is pleased to be the only stockists of Ahi Cider in Palmerston North so if you’d like to sample the goods feel free to call in and recharge!