Bute Island Dairy Free Strong Cheddar Style – 200g



This is the perfect flavour if you fancy a “ploughman’s lunch” accompanied by a nice pickle and perhaps a glass of beer. Actually, it’s with Strong Cheddar style Sheese that our pioneering vegan cheese adventure began back in 1988. With many new exciting dairy-free vegan flavours of course being added since those early days, we also have lots of new products always on the horizon as well (so watch this space!!).

Strong Cheddar style has of course evolved over the years, and now comes in a wedge-shaped block, which is especially handy if you intend on grating it. Our new and improved Strong Cheddar also melts great, making it very versatile for all kinds of recipes where you need a non-dairy cheese alternative to bring your meals to life.

The Strong Cheddar style is ideal for ploughman’s lunches as well as in salad, grated on top of a pizza or on a jacket potato, but also for making tempting Mac & Sheese! It also cuts more smoothly, even though it’s creamier, making it even more like the dairy equivalent in terms of texture as well.


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