Ceres Organics Organic Seaweed Sea Salt & Vinegar – 5g


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Ceres Organics Seaweed Salt & Vinegar Snacks are for those who love sushi wrapped in seaweed. It’s a crispy, paper thin snack made with organic Nori sheets, or that green stuff that holds sushi together, but with a little extra attitude in the form of the classic salty and sour flavour combo.

Nori is rich in nutrients and is known to to be a super food from the sea that is very delicious. Ceres Organics Seaweed Snack is lightly roasted and seasoned with natural sea salt and vinegar, making this a delicate seaweed snack that is a reliable source of recommended daily intake (RDI) of iodine. It’s great for any diet and suitable for vegetarians.


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