Fodda Soil Enhancer – 5L


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100% natural and odourless

Our Natural Soil Enhancer provides the ideal start for chemical free growth of new plants. It helps detoxicate the soil of any remaining chemical residue from artificial fertilisers and enhances the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms.
Fodda Natural Soil Enhancer prepares the soil to give your new plants a great start.

  • Natural, non toxic, non residue, biodegradable
  • Increases the growth rate of healthy plants – scientifcaly proven
  • Discourages slugs and snails
  • Odour-free (don’t get all the dogs and cats in the neighbourhood at your place)
  • Safe for kids & pets
  • Increases the soil temperature
  • Enhances the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms
  • Supports the slow release of natural fertilizers already in the soil
  • Provides plant roots with readily available nutrients
  • Improves soil water storing ability
  • Reduces the osmosis stress
  • Reduces leaching of phosphate and nitrate from the top soil to the waterways with excess water


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