Raw Life Energy Muesli Blackcurrant & Fig GF – 500g



Raw Energy  Blackcurrant & Fig Muesli Has won the 2016 Healthy Food Guide Award for Best Cereal.

It is made from sprouted Buckwheat, Amaranth Pumpkin Seeds and Activated Almonds, we dry these sprouts for 20 hours at 45 degrees to lock in the increased nutrients through the sprouting process. Then we add Coconut chips, Blackcurrants and Figs.

This micronutrient dense sprouted muesli is power packed with you daily dose of vitamins A.B.C.E plus mega dose of omega 3 & 6.

High protein, high energy and raw. this product is vegan and paleo.

This topnotch muesli is the best this planet has to offer, is a delicious mix of sprouted gluten free seeds with a small amount of dried fruits, eat with fresh fruits of your choice in season and yoghurt.


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