Sassi Salts Gourmet Artisan Pyramid Salt Flakes – 125g



Mixed with activated charcoal, a natural digestive aid and detoxifier, Sassi Salts Black has the same versatility as white salt and can be used to add a spectacular colour contrast to virtually any dish; it is particularly impressive over white meats and fish.

Salt like this – large pyramidal flakes, beautiful on the plate and light and crunchy on the tongue – has a story behind it. It starts in the Mediterranean Sea, just off the island of Cyprus. Yes, this is a sea salt, rich in the natural flavour and nutritionally important elements present in seawater, but that’s not what makes it so special. That part happens over the next couple of years (yes, years!) as the seawater is guided through a series of lagoons and shallow ponds, evaporating under the sun before finally entering pans where it’s gently heated and dried into this truly handcrafted and artisanal salt.


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