About Us

Welcome to our humble abode!

As many of you know, we opened Organic Buzz in Palmerston North in January of this year and have really enjoyed the process of ferreting out good organic products so we can bring only the best to you. We also have some products that aren’t Organic but are worth space on our shelves. Such as the Spray Free Kiwi Quinoa from Taihape, Spray Free Pumpkin Seeds & Flour from Marton and NZ grown Tahi Spirullina from Himitangi Beach.

Where possible we source as much as we can from local suppliers and a lot of our fresh produce is grown right here in the Mighty Manawatu. We believe strongly in supporting our area and NZ producers. We have been blown away by the amount of really good NZ Products that we have come into contact with on a daily basis.

It’s great to see people passionate about something…. Anything that brings you joy, whether it’s the apples that you grew that are covered in spots but still taste great, or the soap you made that didn’t quite turn out as you expected but still does the trick!

We get so (over) excited when we taste a new Maple Kitchen raw slice or a Wholegrain Organics new loaf of bread. And don’t get us started on Bennettos new chocolate flavours! Or the weird looking pumpkin that came in from our favourite Pumpkin Guy!

Anyway, will put a list up of all of our local and NZ Suppliers in the near future. Yell if there’s something we don’t have in stock that you can’t live without! We are a work in progress but just email us with any questions!

Inia and Michelle.